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Your smart plant upgrade

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Your smart plant upgrade:
Keep operators out of the hazardous area 

Robot, Flow Control systems and refractory elements hand in hand: RHI Magnesita and Primetals Technologies have joined forces to enable our Flow Control customers an extended offering beyond systems and refractories – industry proven robotic based automation solutions on the continuous casting area.
The result is a seamless interplay of all aspects, which is adapted to your needs and thus guarantees your peace of mind.

Optimized areas for your smart plant concept: 

  • No-man casting on turret ladle load side
  • Enhanced system & refractory solutions
    for the tundish area

Tundish Ladle Slidegate


  • No-man casting on turret ladle load side
  • Enhanced system & refractory solutions
    for the tundish area

Tundish Ladle Slidegate

No-man casting on turret ladle load side 

The robotic solution for fully automatic handling of Flow Control system parts: Primetals Technologies LiquiRob fully prepares ladles for casting on the turret. The automatic sequence is started via HMI and fullfills all operator’s tasks. A robust camera system as position measurement device guarantees high precision and detailed monitoring.

By focusing on our combined robotic applications you can gain a peace-of-mind refractory maintenance concept with trustful and experienced partners. 

Primetals Technologies LiquiRob’s features

  • Installs slide gate hydraulic cylinder for INTERSTOP systems 
  • Couples media like argon, cooling air, slag detection
  • Removes cylinder and media from empty ladle 

Tundish Ladle Slidegate


RHI Magnesita’s slide gate cylinder in detail

Modification of slide gate drive and casting cylinder for automatic handling

  • Automatic connection of cylinder with INTERSTOP ladle gate 
  • Integrated cylinder locking function

Tundish Ladle Slidegate

Enhanced system & refractory solutions
for the tundish area

Primetals Technologies LiquiRob’s features

  • Manipulates ladle shroud
  • Supplies tundish covering powder
  • Performs measurements & sampling
  • Opens frozen ladles (O2 lancing)

RHI Magnesita’s ladle to tundish solutions

  • Slide gate refractories and ladle shroud enable controlled transfer of liquid steel to the tundish
  • Tailor made designs avoid steel re-oxidation

Tundish Ladle Slidegate


RHI Magnesita’s tundish to mould solution

  • Holistic view using the tundish as metallurgical vessel
  • Optimizing steel residence time by means of custom-designed refractory furniture
  • Cold start and anti-clogging solutions for optimum process and energy efficiency
  • Supporting the quality of end product by means of optimum steel flow characteristics in the continuous casting mould

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