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Nowadays the operation in the steel industry is still very challenging in terms of people’s safety and process reliability. The interaction with the production facilities expose the operators at several areas in the plants to dangerous risks. Besides the safety aspect, the performance quality of manually carried out tasks strongly depends on individual operator skills and experience. These circumstances all have an influence on the reliability of the tasks performed.

For enabling the highest safety standard for the people working very close to the process and ensuring highest process reliability, RHIMagnesita develops and offers robotic and automated solutions for various process steps. For example, the slide gate handling at the ladle preparation area is one of the focus fields, where correct execution is crucial for operational safety.

RHI Magnesita’s Interstop is constantly developing and optimizing automation solutions in the steel plant with regard to the handling of refractory products and system equipment in the field of flow control. These solutions replace manual handling of slide gate systems on the ladle preparation area and on the CCM by fully automated processes involving robots, sensors and manipulators.

Thanks to the strong Interstop flow control competence and know-how coming from the active presence during the last decades in the meltshops worldwide, RHIMagnesita can offer a complete project package for flow control application ranging from the feasibility analysis, to the design, supply, commissioning and aftersales support.