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Get to know the Flow Control solutions for each area:


The Highly Effective Solution

The new converter slide gate type CG is a highly effective solution for reducing slag carry-over in converter steelmaking plants. Its development is the result of many years of engineering and operational experience in close cooperation with the steelmaking industry.

INTERSTOP slide gates for converters:

  • Minimal space requirements
  • Easy frontal mounting procedure
  • Integrated early slag detection system
  • Clean shut-off in about 1 second
  • Exchange of bottom plate while the gate remains on the converter

With our slide gate technology for converters we support your goal for ultra clean steel production with economical benefits, superior reliability and top safety standards for operation and preparation.


For Vertical and Horizontal Mounting

The Interstop ladle slide gate system have a high-end technical standard.

Different sizes of the Gates deal with any application case.
The ideal casting diameter is clearly determined by the following factors:

  • Maximum throughput with full ladle for an optimal quick start of casting.
  • Optimal throughput with almost empty ladle to maintain the required casting performance.
  • Metallurgical periphery conditions may have an influence on the selected casting diameter.

Further criteria include:

  • Ladle size
  • Mounting situation

Optimal Utilization of Tundish

Our solutions for tundish slide gates enable optimal utilization of the tundish and help to maintain the quality of the produced steel during the casting operation.


  • Precise flow control
  • Longer casting sequence at continuous caster
  • Easy handling due to the compact design
  • Automatic casting startup
  • Automatic bath level control in the mould
  • Visualization of the casting process – optional expansion via gas purging systems to reduce air intake
  • Optional: automatic changing of exchangeable submerged shrouds
Stopper Rod Mechanism

High Performance and Accuracy

Both electrical and hydraulic actuated stopper drives are available. These compact drives are designed for high performance and accuracy. The Stopper Rod Mechanism has very limited mechanical play offering precise reaction, minimal maintenance and long lasting components.

Our complete system solution includes:

  • Automated stopper control system
  • Newest generation of mold level sensors
  • Mono Tube Changers (MTC) with outstanding operational and safety features
  • Advanced argon management system including data storage
  • Easy adjustable software parameters (speed, force, acceleration)
  • Advanced experience for fast installation and start-up times and excellent after sales service.

The stopper control system is an integral part of the RHI Magnesita ladle to mould technology – combining refractory and system excellence to provide best suitable solutions for clean steel production.


Slide Gates for NFM Industries

Our NFM slide gates from are simple in handling and maintenance which results from our long lasting experience in flow control. They are crafted in expected high swiss quality and precision – products with an outstanding technical standard.


  • Simple and easy assembly
  • Easy access to the refractory components
  • Automatic tensioning system
  • No tools required

Your benefit of our NFM slide gates technology is improved copper quality!