Process Control Systems

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All-in-One Solutions

Process Control and Automation is part of our all-in-one solutions for flow control applications from converter to mould worldwide. Means flow control for steel as well as purging gas. We provide solutions regarding hydraulics, electrics, software, process-visualisation and inert gas systems as well as service and maintenance.


Tundish Level Control (TLC)

This system automatically controls the tundish level, depending on the requested tundish weight.
An optimised tundish level control is not only important for a trouble free CCM operation, but also for the ladle gate refractory costs.


Crane Hydraulics

For steel plants and foundries with ingot or mould casting, the crane hydraulic system is the ideal solution: the hydraulic source is mounted on the crane and is moving with the ladle. The casting cylinder can be lifted and lowered by the hose-winch, which allows a convenient coupling of the casting cylinder to the ladle gate. Latest installations are designed with radio-control for the crane hydraulic system.


Mould Level Control (MLC)

We offer MLC by tundish slide gates, by stopper systems as well as by withdrawal speed control.


Inertgas Systems

We provide very reliable and state-of-the-art inert gas systems. Depending on customer demands, gas flow control systems including visualization and tracking systems are supplied.