People and culture are the driving force behind RHI Magnesita’s strategy. Skilled, motivated people, a customer-centric culture and strong stakeholder partnerships are critical to the long-term success of the Group.


Health & Safety

RHI Magnesita’s employees and contractors are entitled to a safe and healthy workplace. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, this fundamental employer obligation has assumed even greater significance and the company has worked hard to protect the health, safety and wellbeing of all.

Throughout 2022, COVID-19 safety protocols remained in place and routine testing helped maintain both workforce safety and business continuity. Execution of regional Health & Safety coordination was further strengthened and a culture of cross-regional communication, benchmarking and knowledge sharing established.

High plant loads combined with reduced staffing due to COVID at the beginning of the year were contributory factors behind a slight increase in Lost time injury frequency rate  LTIF from 0.19 in 2021 to 0.20 in 2022. However, Total recordable injury frequency rate (TRIF) decreased from 0.61 to 0.54 in 2022. Most regrettably, one contractor died as a result of a workplace traffic accident in India. An urgent investigation into the root causes of this incident was carried out and changes were made to relevant guidelines worldwide to improve safety procedures.

The Group continued to progress its occupational Health & Safety programmes, seeking to balance leading and lagging indicators in order to be more pro-active and less reactive. Leading indicators are helping employees to understand the strengths and weaknesses of their safety efforts, giving direction and insights into the typical behaviour and conditions that precede any incident. In 2023 so far, the Preventive Rate indicator has almost doubled compared to last year, demonstrating ongoing improvement in the safety awareness culture. The implementation of ISO 45001 standards is also being extended to the refractory installations side of the business. Overall, RHI Magnesita proceeds to accelerate the standardisation with a global Health & Safety Management System and its certification by an external notified auditing body, while incorporating local needs.


Hence, in 2022, the following operational sites achieved a successful certification against ISO45001 Occupational Health & Safety Management System:
  • Anhui (Brick & Sinter) (China)
  • Visakhapatnam (India)
  • Cuttack (India)


Customer focus is the core of RHI Magnesita’s culture which features four key dimensions: innovation, openness, pragmatism and performance. The Group fosters an open-minded and transparent approach to work within a diverse, respectful, and safe environment. Our culture guides our decision-making processes. With a pragmatic mindset, we facilitate effective collaboration across all functions and regions. The performance is rooted in accountability and responsibility.

As part of our culture activation program, we have built a powerful global network of Culture Champions, who inspire others to believe in the company’s missions and values as well as look for new methods to bring culture to life. Read more here.

Building a diverse and inclusive workforce

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

As a core value, diversity is promoted within RHI Magnesita’s corporate culture. The company is committed to providing equal opportunities for all employees, regardless of age, gender, skin colour, ethnicity, sexual orientation or disability. Through its diversity and inclusion strategy, the Group’s goal is to provide a culture of inclusion and wellbeing for all employees. RHI Magnesita believes that companies should reflect the world around us. Embracing diversity and building inclusion into everything the company does is important for the success of the business and helps to connect with the customers we serve. Employee diversity is key to this, as it gives rise to new ideas and approaches. A broad range of talent and perspectives from a varied workforce is required, assessed based on gender diversity, international representation, and generation management.

RHI Magnesita is committed to fostering an inclusive culture across its global operations. The Group introduced a new Global Equality Policy in 2023 setting out its commitment to diversity and inclusion irrespective of race, age, gender and sexual orientation. We are committed to upholding human rights and labour rights. 74% of our employees belong to unions, are represented by works councils or are subject to collective bargaining agreements.

RHI Magnesita’s
Diversity Charter

Gender equality

RHI Magnesita’s internal global women’s network helps to shape the company’s gender diversity agenda. RHI Magnesita supports several initiatives like the Global Internal Mentoring Progremme and the Internal Global Women´s network, which helps shape the company´s gender diversity agenda. Female representation on the Board of Directors at year end 2023 was 29%. Currently, 28% of all senior leadership positions are held by females (2018: 12%) including the Executive Management Team (EMT) and their direct reports. RHI Magnesita’s goal is to increase the share of female leaders at both Board and EMT plus direct report level to 33% by 2025.

Global Gender Equality Policy

Employee Engagement

RHI Magnesita focused on keeping employees safe and informed. Extra efforts to engage were made through new communications channels, while home-working guidance and psychological support were offered. “RHIMindset” Channel aims to cultivate a positive and resilient mindset and promotes overall wellbeing at work. Weekly articles on mental health topics, monthly action calendars on wellbeing and other proactive measures further contribute to our employee wellbeing  programme.

 The Group has launched an employee app in 2023, providing a tailored and de-centralised experience that caters for the diverse needs of our global workforce. Unlike previous platforms with more limited scope, the app is fully accessible for plant employees, including those without a corporate email address. A smart activity feed facilitates personalised and efficient communication, while collaboration sub-spaces promote teamwork and resource sharing.

Employee Representation

Three Employee Representative Directors sit on RHI Magnesita’s Board of Directors, providing a voice in the boardroom on a range of issues, in particular those which directly impact the workforce, such as remuneration, agreements to accommodate working conditions under COVID-19, and plant closures. More than three quarters (82%) of the Group’s employees belong to unions or are covered by works councils or collective bargaining.

Learning & Development

At RHI Magnesita, we are committed to helping people grow. We encourage life-long learning and help all our employees, regardless of their role or location, improve their current skills or acquire new ones, needed for their future within RHI Magnesita.

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Pay and Benefits

Regardless of age, gender, or nationality, every RHI Magnesita employee is a valued asset of the global network we’ve established. That’s why we care, support, and invest in our employees by offering a wide range of benefits.

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