Press Release

RHI Magnesita starts partnership with Microsoft

28. April 2021

Our digital journey together with Microsoft

As Program Beyond, we’ve been working with Microsoft on our digital transformation for several months now. Today, we took the opportunity to make this partnership public. Our goal is to significantly enhance our business model and increase our competitiveness. This will enable us to respond more effectively and faster to customer requests as well as changing market requirements.

Stefan Borgas, CEO RHI Magnesita, comments: “Together with Microsoft, we are setting new standards, affirming our position as innovative technology leader in the refractory industry. Our goal is to transform RHI Magnesita to be the first 360 degree digital solution supplier for heat management for our customers around the globe. I am convinced that Microsoft’s software development and cloud technology capabilities are the perfect choice for RHI Magnesita. With this cooperation, we ensure our success in a digitalized world.”

Hermann Erlach, General Manager of Microsoft Austria, further explains: “RHI Magnesita drives innovation, and this has a major impact on the global steel, cement, glass and chemical industries, and eventually on everyone. The company substantially contributes to sustainably improving the quality of life of individuals, while driving industrial efficiency. It thus sets a strong example of what it means to be in a leading role in the digital age. We are proud to be a partner in RHI Magnesita’s digital transformation. Together we will define and accelerate the next wave of innovation in the refractory industry.”

In developing digital solutions, We are relying on the strength of Microsoft’s cloud, artificial intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) services. Inventories and supply chains will be optimized, on-site services facilitated and decisions on highly sensitive maintenance will be supported through artificial intelligence. The basis for all these developments will be Microsoft Azure. It enables us to closely connect with customers and exchange sensitive data. Guaranteeing them the highest standards of security, data protection and resilience is the top priority. The recently announced Microsoft Cloud Region Austria East and the global datacenter network of more than 200 DCs worldwide provide the perfect foundation for this.

Accelerating strategic digital initiatives

Together, RHI Magnesita and Microsoft are accelerating strategically selected digital initiatives of the refractories group.

Machinery Connection optimizes the customer’s machine maintenance and stock control. Connected machines can independently trigger material orders and maintenance cycles. Subsequently, RFID traceability can be applied to seamlessly record all material movements. The data will also be used in production, where our Smart Factories will be able to adapt and increase production exactly according to the customers’ needs through Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES).

For customers’ high-temperature processes, We offer Quick Check (QCK) and Broadband Spectral Thermometer (BST). Those are innovative measurement methods that share detailed measuring data with Automated Process Optimization (APO) – a revolutionary digital solution: using artificial intelligence to predict the service life of refractory products and thus reduce maintenance times. Service technicians at the customer’s site can additionally access the know-how of proven experts via Remote Assistance, no matter where they are located in the world. The use of mixed reality and smart glass reduces traveling needs and allows for service challenges to be dealt with more quickly.

The data obtained is also incorporated into the customer relationship management system of RHI Magnesita. This guarantees that all customer needs are mapped and responded to in the best possible way.

Through a Modern Workplace project, we complements the Office 365 offering with MS Teams and thus further improves solutions for communication and global collaboration. This ensures that state-of-the-art technology is available to all employees and that the advantages of digitalization can be leveraged in daily collaboration.

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