Safety First

A safe workplace is a fundamental right of our employees. Our goal is to build a strong safety culture with zero accidents. Nothing less is acceptable.

Our target

Maintain Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate at below 0.5 (Goal: zero accidents).

Our approach

RHI Magnesita’s Safety First campaign defines safety as the responsibility of every employee. To emphasise this, our CEO begins each quarterly update to employees with safety performance.

Since most accidents are due to unsafe actions by individuals, behaviour-based safety is a major focus. We have rolled out observation audits to identify at-risk behaviours. We also conduct programmes and training for specific jobs, such as safety leadership for front-line leaders.

Near miss and unsafe situations are another focus. We set internal targets to mitigate unsafe situations, prevent accidents and learn from near-misses. We have begun to measure the severity rate of accidents and will set internal targets for this.


We increasingly focus on contractors and will include those working at our sites in our LTIF data. To do so, we are defining safety requirements by service provided and assigning accountability to site managers. Conversely, a significant number of our employees are contracted to work at customer sites. They are already included in our LITF reporting, and our safety integration project aims to ensure customers share our understanding, training and reporting practices.

In 2019, our Lost Time Injury Frequency (“LTIF”) rate was 0.28, a 30% improvement compared to 2018 (which was also at an all-time-low).