David Torres

Global Marketing Manager, former Trainee


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Please tell us a few words about yourself and your career path

I am David Torres, Global Marketing Manager at the RHI Magnesita Minerals Division. My journey with RHI Magnesita began in 2019 when I decided to explore a new career path by joining the company as a service technician. Previously, I served as a lab technician in the Chicago area for two and a half years, following graduation from Loyola University Chicago with a B.S. in Biology. In 2021, I was accepted to the Global Trainee Program 2021 (Sales area), which provided me an amazing opportunity to connect with colleagues from all over the world and across different areas of our refractory industry. I concluded the Program in 2022 and was eventually promoted to my current role.

Why exactly did you apply?

I always seek to learn something new and get out of my comfort zone. The Program gave me the opportunity to do exactly that – to acquire new skills; live among European colleagues; visit sites from our customers abroad and learn from them; and explore the markets that operate differently from the United States. It was my first time I had ever been outside of the U.S., and it’s an experience I recommend for anyone looking to dive into something new.

What is your current role and how does your day look like?

In my role as Global Marketing Manager, I am our team’s go-to for collecting, organizing, and distributing information to our Sales Team to enhance understanding of the market from a global perspective. This includes organizing product and industry training sessions, networking online and at various in-person conferences across the world, and digging into the news from the industry, which will then push us to think differently about how we serve customers. 

What’s been your most exciting project to date?

My current role pushes me with new and exciting projects every day, which the Program set me up well for. During the Program, my rotation with the minerals team included an assignment that had us operating a mock start-up company focused on nano materials for non-refractory use. From product development to market entry, I gained insight on operating a company within the refractory industry, and learning the optimal ways to improve productivity, network, and bring thoughtful ideas to market.

What’s the most unexpected skill you’ve gained at RHI Magnesita?

Jumping into a new culture through the global program is scary yet thrilling. The program gave me the courage to get out of my comfort zone and unlocked the appetite to do more of it!

What’s the best part about life at RHI Magnesita?

If you have any interest in the refractory industry, RHI Magnesita will give you the chance to explore it to the fullest! We have incredible resources at our fingertips – all you have to do is to be willing to do the work and ask for it!

Any advice to people who consider applying?

We were in your shoes at one point and know what it’s like considering a Program like this. Connect with a former Trainee on LinkedIn, ask them about their experience, and see if it’s what you’re looking for. Or just read our interviews ;)