Our Pillars

projects that improve the quality of life in the communities where the company operates.
With sites located in diverse regions and contexts, the Group assesses local situations from an inclusive approach, involving different sectors of society. Stakeholders are regularly engaged and consulted as the company seeks to understand their interests and concerns. This enables for the identification of priority topics.
As an active member of its operating communities, RHI Magnesita seeks to partner with local NGOs in a collective effort to build a comprehensive framework for initiatives that will create enduring and socially beneficial outcomes.
This approach has been developed based on the United Nations Global Compact, focusing on three main areas: Education & Youth Development, Health & Medical care and Environment.

Education & Youth Development

RHIM recognizes the importance of empowering individuals through education and skill development initiatives. The focus will be on supporting programs that promote access to quality education, vocational training, and lifelong learning opportunities. By investing in education, the Group aims to support community members with the necessary tools to succeed and contribute to the growth of their communities.

Health & Medical Care

RHIM is committed to improving the health and medical care of community where it operates. The investments will be directed towards initiatives that address healthcare accessibility, disease prevention, mental health support, and promoting healthy lifestyles. By prioritizing health and medical care, the Group aims to create healthier and more resilient communities.


RHIM is committed to address the climate change and protection of environment. Group’s investments will focus on supporting projects that promote environment protection, waste reduction, conservation of natural resources, and other sustainable practices. By fostering environment initiatives, RHIM strives to contribute to a more sustainable future for generations to come.

Case Studies

Education, Youth Development, Environment

Sustainable Bonds | Brumado, Brazil

In Campo Seco, a remote community in Brumado, Brazil, the program “Sustainable Bonds” was implemented at a factory that produces hand-made brooms using recycled PET bottles. In cooperation with a local non-governmental organization, 29 women have been trained in the cleaning, preparing and assembling of the necessary materials. The process recycles 14,000 bottles each month with the finished product sold in multiple retail outlets to fund the wages of the project participants.

Through this initiative, more than 40 families from Campo Seco now have a source of income, which in turn has increased their quality of life and created a focal point for the community.

Dual Education Program | Ramos Arizpe, Mexico

Facing the challenge of high demand for technically skilled workers in the north of Mexico, RHI Magnesita established the ‘Dual Education Program’ in Ramos Arizpe in September 2013 which has now been running for nearly 10 years and has had an important impact on the community.

This was the first Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) project implemented by RHI Magnesita and its main purpose was the improvement of technical vocational training for high school students. In the final two years of their studies, participants spend 80% of their time in the plant, where they apply what they have learned in the classroom.

A total of 14 apprentices have graduated through the program, and the vast majority have continued their professional training. Today, four of the colleagues at Ramos Arizpe are products of the Dual Training program, working full time as technicians and engineers.

The initiative has positioned RHI Magnesita as a leader in dual training in Mexico and gives real long-term value to apprentices.

Teach for Austria | Vienna, Austria

Since 2019, RHI Magnesita has partnered with Teach for Austria, a local organization which enhances educational opportunities for students who haven’t had the best start in life. Through their main project, graduates and young professionals are trained to teach in urban low-income schools. During the school year, the initiative has directly benefited over 9000 children.

Teach for Austria is also part of the corporate volunteering program for Vienna based employees. RHI Magnesita staff gives interview training and career advice for students at events hosted by the company.

Our Initiatives

Community Investments

RHI Magnesita’s approach to communities has been developed based on the UN Global Compact.


RHI Magnesita encourages corporate volunteering as a key strategy to increase community engagement and make a positive impact on the communities in which it operates.

Every employee in the Vienna office has been assigned one working day of paid volunteer leave annually and has access to a program of events to choose what they wish to participate in.

Indigenous Peoples

RHI Magnesita recognizes and respects indigenous peoples, their rights and heritage, knowledge, and practices. None of the Group’s operational sites are located close to any indigenous communities. RHI Magnesita supports the strengthening of legal recognition for indigenous territories including protection against illegal mining and guaranteeing indigenous people a strong voice in local and global dialogues that affect their future.