Engaging with Stakeholders

We engage with a wide range of stakeholders in the course of our business. These include employees, customers, suppliers, communities and investors.

Increasingly, sustainability challenges form part of these discussions. Two main topics have dominated discussions in recent times: Sustainability and ESG

Investors – Our investors now engage on an ever-widening range of issues, from our investment in recycling and emerging technologies to how we are ensuring there are more women in our leadership. RHI Magnesita gained a B for its CDP climate submission in the most recent rankings and is rated AA by MSCI, Gold by EcoVadis and Prime (C+) by ISS ESG rankings.

Customers – Since our customers are high-emitting industries in hard-to-abate sectors, we work together to reduce emissions in their operations and value chain. Collaboration has included piloting our low-carbon bricks and mobile recycling solutions, as well as rolling out technologies to reduce energy use and emissions in production. We already market our first lowcarbon brick, the ANKRAL LC series, and will soon launch our first net-zero brick We also collaborate extensively with customers on safety.

Employees – engagement is ensured through Townhall meetings to meet with the leaders of our business (physical and virtual meetings), a dedicated mobile app and other local channels. During 2021, we continued to communicate on COVID-19 Our most recent global survey provided valuable employee feedback and yielded a 79% engagement score, exceeding both the global benchmark and the benchmark for manufacturing.

Suppliers and contractors – We increasingly work with suppliers to drive down carbon emissions in our supply chain. On safety, we recently extended coverage to contractors on our sites and continue our safety integration project

Communities – Since our sites are relatively remote, we engage directly with local communities.  In 2021 our community support ranged from donating COVID-19 vaccines to residents near our Bhiwadi plant in India to providing disaster relief to flood-hit communities near our Urmitz plant in Germany