Press Release

2018 Full Year Results

27. März 2019

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Strong organic growth, continued synergy delivery and rapid deleveraging:

RHI Magnesita today announces its 2018 full year results. Commenting on the results, Chief Executive Officer, Stefan Borgas said:

“This was our first full financial year as a new company and I am delighted by the significant amount that we have achieved. Underpinned by the strength of the markets in which we operate, we have reported very strong financial results, successfully delivered on our integration plans and benefitted from the synergies of the combination.

More broadly, we continue to navigate well the challenges of the integration process and have set the business on the right path to support its ongoing strategic development.

Whilst some uncertainties exist in the macroeconomic outlook for 2019, robust customer markets in the medium term (albeit with some uncertainty in the short term) and positive trends in raw material pricing support our expectation to deliver modest organic revenue growth, with improved operating margins from 2018 levels, driven by continued synergy generation and further optimisation initiatives, in addition to further growth potential from acquisitions.”

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