(English) Did you know that the melting point of fused magnesia is 2800 °C?

27. Februar 2019

 Refractories defy the most hostile conditions to stay strong and stable at temperatures of 1200 °C and much, much higher to contain materials safely while they’re burned, melted, blasted, fired, fused and shaped – and to protect equipment such as furnaces and kilns against thermal, mechanical and chemical stress. Our job is to provide answers to these extreme challenges. The base materials we use to make our products are magnesite and dolomite – remarkable materials which themselves require skillful handling: the melting point of fused magnesia is 2800 °C. Here you can see how the fused magnesia in our plant in Porsgrunn, Norway is being stripped from the block. On the second picture you see the core of a block of fused magnesia