RHI Magnesita kicks off social project in Brumadinho

04. Oktober 2019

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Brumadinho, Brazil – The desire to contribute to the socio-economic improvement of the people in Brumadinho has resulted in a new investment in the region. On October 1st, RHI Magnesita, global leader in refractory products, services and solutions, gave a check in the equivalent amount of €41,706.62 to the Comfio project’s “Creative Atelier”, a local community art school that offers handcrafts classes to women. RHI Magnesita’s COO, Gerd Schubert, traveled to Brazil to hand over the donation. The event took place at a local B&B in the neighboring town of Casa Branca. The money was raised in Vienna during the concert “Blues for Brumadinho”, which was attended by RHI Magnesita  employees and their families.

Background is the tragic event of the collapse of the dam in Brumadinho in January 2019. “Our operations were not involved in the disaster, but we see ourselves as a part of the local community, so we need to help,” said Gerd Schubert. RHI Magnesita’s Brazilian operation organized immediate support efforts such as the creation of a local committee, water and food supplies as well as an in-house blood donation campaign.

Through the Comfio project, RHI Magnesita has the goal to support women who were directly or indirectly affected by the incident. With the donated funds, a facility is going to be rented where these women will have the opportunity to learn new skills, interact with each other and share experiences. This should empower them by reducing the feeling of isolation, improving their self-esteem and generating income.