RHI Magnesita Mine in Chizhou is awarded Green Mining Certificate

15. Julho 2021

Following a two-year process of restructuring facilities, adapting operations, and an intensive dialogue with local authorities, the RHI Magnesita mine in Chizhou has finally been awarded the Green Mining Certificate. Only 50 mines in Chizhou received this certificate and we are the only foreign company so far.

Green Mining refers to a mine which operates in coordination with the development and utilization of mineral resources and the protection of the ecological environment. It comprises scientific mining methods, efficient utilization of resources, and the protection of ecological environment.

China is an important part of RHI Magnesita’s global strategy. With the rapid development of local economy, China is paying more and more attention to environmental protection and sustainable development. To realize the coordination of resource development and environmental protection, the government has issued a series of measures on mineral resources planning and development. This is reflected in the Green Mining Certificate.

As the global leader of refractories, RHI Magnesita has developed its own technologies and operations whilst adhering to the principles of green sustainable development and strictly complying with local laws and regulations.