Press Release

RHI Magnesita strengthens market position in process industries by acquiring P-D Refractories

03. Outubro 2023

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Acquisition leads to step change in RHI Magnesita’s process industries business, especially strengthening the company’s market position in the glass and aluminium industry

RHI Magnesita, the leading global supplier of high-grade refractory products, systems and solutions, today announces the completion of the acquisition of the Germany, Czech Republic and Slovenia based refractory businesses of the Preiss-Daimler Group (“P-D Refractories”). P-D Refractories is a producer of high quality alumina-based refractories for industrial applications in process industries, with a leading market position in the glass and aluminium sectors. The product portfolio of P-D Refractories ranges from high-alumina specialties to bauxite, andalusite, silica, fireclay or magnesite bricks. In 2022, P-D Refractories has recorded revenues of €171 million.

The acquisition offers multiple growth opportunities, not the least through enabling RHI Magnesita to offer a significantly expanded product and service portfolio to an extended customer base. Customers of P-D Refractories comprise a large range of customers in process industries, especially glass and aluminium industry. While the production facilities of P-D Refractories are based in Europe, the company has a global market presence, with well established brands (e.g., Dr. C. Otto) and top-performing products that are esteemed by customers worldwide.

Through the acquisition, four production facilities (in Germany and the Czech Republic) and two raw material mines (in the Czech Republic and Slovenia) are added to the global production network of RHI Magnesita. The vertical integration of P-D Refractories represents a unique advantage and weaves seamlessly into RHI Magnesita’s existing production footprint in Europe. Substantial benefits are also expected through leveraging RHI Magnesita’s leading position in the field of recycling by integrating the company’s know-how into the operations of P-D Refractories. Additional considerable synergies are targeted through leveraging cross-selling opportunities, procurement efficiencies and streamlined logistics.

Commenting on the acquisition, Stefan Borgas, CEO RHI Magnesita, said: “The production capabilities and vertical integration of P-D Refractories, combined with RHI Magnesita’s know-how and renowned R&D capabilities, will complement our product portfolio and enlarge our production footprint and sales channels on a global scale. This acquisition is our sixth transaction to close in the year to date and marks a major milestone for both companies in the process industries sector. Together we look forward to expanding our footprint and strengthening our market presence by offering high-grade refractory products and solutions to an enlarged customer base.”