RHI Magnesita at AISTech: innovation and knowledge sharing

21. Mai 2019

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RHI Magnesita was at the AISTech, in Pittsburgh, USA. This iron and steel technology conference and exposition is one of the industries’ most recognized events, with many technical presentations and possibilities for knowledge sharing. Besides the booth, we presented 4 technical papers in partnership with universities and/or consultants – all focused on the optimization of our products and our client processes, aiming to be the best in class in the refractory industry. That’s how we make innovation: continuously studying and improving our products and processes.

Innovation means continuous studying and improvement. One of our presented papers at AISTech deals with Impact Zone Solutions for an Improved Flow Performance in the Tundish, focusing on several aspects which are linked to steel quality.

Besides this, we also presented our approaches to increase the speed of development of basic gunning mixes – comparing laboratory trials, thermochemical calculations and steel plant trials, in order to meet customers complex requirements.

Refractory condition monitoring and lifetime prognosis, especially for the RH Degasser equipment, was also a topic, aiming to predict the refractory life-time based on data acquired during production.

In addition, we talked about a study: through the physical and mathematical modeling, the effect of the Tundish Porous Upper Nozzle in the gas bubbles that are injected in the steel, verifying the behavior of these bubbles in the Submerged Nozzle and in the Mold, which is essential for the continuous casting with cleanliness demand for critical applications.

This kind of efforts help RHI Magnesita to stay the driving force of the refractory industry.

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