Sustainable equipment in a cost-effective way

e-GEKKO represents RHI Magnesitas first battery powered, mobile manipulator in the companies machinery portfolio. With its unique characteristics, conventional gunning operations can now be performed using a sustainable equipment.

Driven towards environmental friendly solutions, RHI Magnesita Refractory Application Machinery designed a revolutionary electrified gunning manipulator by replacing the diesel engine with batteries and an electric motor. First installations have already proven great success.

Gunning operation by use of manual lance leads to physical and mental stress on the operator. Moreover some vessel areas can be inaccessible due to limited length of the equipment. Conventional manipulators managed to partially overcome these difficulties using technology based on fossil fuels and combustion engines. RHI Magnesita Refractory Application Machinery designed a revolutionary gunning manipulator by re-engineering the existing model in order to lead the way to a sustainable future.

With the new innovative gunning manipulator, our customers will benefit from applying rapid gunning repair in a cost-effective way while completely reducing emissions. The time to push environmental friendly solutions is now.

Gerry Moser, RHI Magnesita Refractory Application Machinery

No emission &
CO2 friendly gunning equipment

Connection to customer network
Data recording of consumption

Lower maintenance than conventional manipulators
60% faster than manual gunning

Increased safety
Stress free gunning operation


The versatile manipulator is rapidly placed in front of the vessel, allowing a quick start operational readiness. The pre-worn areas can be repaired by use of dry gunning mix. The reliable repair of targeted areas is supported by the motion flexibility of the tiltable boom and a rotating and telescopic lance. The entire operation can be performed by radio remote control. Thanks to the simple handling, charging batteries is as easy as charging electric forklift trucks. Additionally together with the pressure vessel Machine “Ankerjet” customers benefit from data recording of consumption in order to ensure stable operations. Due to its modular designed body, customized versions of the e-GEKKO are available for BOF, EAF and Ladle application.


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Gerry Moser
Customer Project Manager Machinery