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RHI Magnesita: Radenthein to become central training hub for specialists of the future

04. Março 2020

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Digitalized working world calls for modern training:

 The leading global supplier of refractory products and solutions is ushering in the future of industrial training. Starting in autumn 2020, RHI Magnesita will offer three new apprentice training initiatives at its plant in Radenthein, Carinthia: Firstly, Radenthein will become the central training hub for the German-speaking region. Secondly, the Carinthian site will introduce a new Process Engineering apprenticeship. And thirdly, the plant will participate in Carinthia’s ‘apprenticeship and studies’ (‘Lehre und Studium’) pilot project, which will enable young people to complete an apprenticeship and their studies at the same time. All three initiatives are aimed at making the company and the Radenthein plant fit for the future and preparing specialists for the digitalized working world.

“Digitalization leads to tremendous opportunities for the industry. New technologies give rise to new occupational fields. We are taking on the responsibility of training specialists for this environment,” explained Stefan Borgas, CEO RHI Magnesita. “There’s a very simple reason why we’re starting these efforts in Radenthein: Innovation is put into practice here each and every day. Radenthein is a flagship plant with a stellar international profile.” 

Central training hub

“Starting in the fall of 2020, we will train more apprentices in Radenthein than we need for our own site,” announced Heimo Wagner, plant manager in Radenthein, at a press conference on Tuesday afternoon. There are currently around 30 apprentices in training at the Carinthian plant, and more training spots will be offered on a permanent basis in the future. The reason: RHI Magnesita in Radenthein will train future apprentices for the entire German-speaking region, particularly in apprenticeship trades that are specialized toward digitalization. “The plant in Radenthein is very advanced when it comes to automation. We have the necessary infrastructure and knowledge to teach people how to deal with new technologies,” said Wagner.

However, the apprentice training programs at the other plants will remain in place. Nevertheless, all of the Austrian and German sites will then be able to fall back on the graduates trained in Radenthein. “We are also networking with other industrial companies in the region. Apprentice training will also open up for SMEs to facilitate professional basic training,” emphasized Radenthein’s mayor, Michael Maier. The chairman of Radenthein’s Works Council, Martin Kowatsch, also supports the training initiative: “Education should not be a privilege. In Radenthein, we place value on providing a wide range of training opportunities.”

Borgas added, “Our program is certainly also attractive for interested young people from abroad.” Describing the new training concept, the CEO said, “We envision young, digitalization-savvy men and women coming to Radenthein to be trained by us. In this way, we will make it possible for them to pursue a career throughout the German-speaking region.”

Apprentice housing in Radenthein

To be able to accommodate the additional new apprentices locally, RHI Magnesita is cooperating with the municipal administration. Radenthein’s mayor, Michael Maier, has committed to adapting and modernizing a residence hall for the new apprentices in the region so that the needs of young apprentices are met. “I am very pleased that RHI Magnesita is investing in the future of coming generations in Radenthein. To ensure that the young people are adequately provided for, the municipal administration will offer access to accommodations. This also has an integrative effect. We want international talents to feel comfortable in Radenthein.”

New Process Engineering apprenticeship

The continuous digitalization of industry calls for corresponding training for specialists. During their training to become process technicians, young people will learn to optimally control production processes on the basis of data while working on modern industrial systems. As part of their training, they will read and prepare technical documents, independently define production processes, allocate computer-controlled machines and program systems. This new apprenticeship will be offered at the Radenthein plant starting in fall. “As one of the largest training plants in Carinthia, it is a matter of course for us to always be at the cutting edge and to prepare young people for the job market of the future,” explained Heimo Wagner, plant manager in Radenthein.

Carinthia’s ‘apprenticeship and studies’ pilot project

The ‘apprenticeship and studies’ pilot project will also be offered starting in autumn 2020. This enables young people who have passed their university entrance qualification exam to complete a four and a half year training program that provides three different qualifications: a Bachelor of Science in Systems Engineering, an apprenticeship certificate in Electrical Engineering: Systems and Industrial Engineering, and a certificate for the newly established apprenticeship in Process Engineering.

The pilot project, which in addition to the participating companies such as RHI Magnesita is also being supported by Carinthia University of Applied Sciences, the Carinthian Education Board, Fachberufsschule Villach 2 vocational school, the Austrian Economic Chamber and the Federation of Austrian Industries, is the only one of its kind in Austria. In the first round starting in October of 2020, a total of 12 secondary school graduates – including three in Radenthein – will be given the opportunity to earn a bachelor’s degree as well as two apprenticeship certificates over a period of four and a half years.

The new students will enter into the company-based training in the second year of the apprenticeship. The subjects of instruction at the vocational school will be significantly reduced and the primary focus will be on the technical content. The practical training will be completed simultaneously at the company. The students will spend two days a week at Carinthia University of Applied Sciences.

“This new concept is oriented towards the needs of industrial companies and enables graduates to help shape new processes and developments and transform themselves into managers,” explained Reinhard Zammernig, training manager at RHI Magnesita in Radenthein. Prospective apprentices can already apply for a spot at RHI Magnesita here.

RHI Magnesita as a technology leader

The fact that RHI Magnesita is taking its goal of being the technology leader in the refractories industry seriously is not just demonstrated by the training initiatives in Radenthein. Only a few weeks ago, the company founded a Digital Hub for 4.0 projects, where state-of-the-art technologies that help RHI Magnesita’s customers to manage the heat in their production plants are being brought to market readiness. Additional information:

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