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RHI Magnesita at AISTech: innovation and knowledge sharing

RHI Magnesita was at the AISTech, in Pittsburgh, USA. This iron and steel technology conference and exposition is one of the industries’ most recognized events, with many technical presentations and […]

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Did you know that our industry leading Research & Development team consists of 250 people from 15 different nations?

With our highly skilled team we drive breakthroughs in materials and data, new business models and efficient new processes that transform what is possible under extreme conditions.

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Did you know that RHI Magnesita offers its products, solutions and services to customers in more than 100 countries?

We have 35 main production sites across 16 countries. Therefore we can offer tailor-made products, services and solutions that drive performance and cost savings for our customers all around the […]

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Did you know that glass furnaces lined with our refractory products last up to 10 years until replacement is necessary?

This makes them the application that lasts the longest amongst all refractory applications. Glass Refractories are continuously consumed during finished goods production.In the picture you can see our Innovative Regenerator […]

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Did you know that we have more than 3,000 colleagues in Contagem, Brazil?

This makes Contagem the RHI Magnesita location with the most employees. The refractories production began there in 1944.

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Did you know that we are conducting Cultural Workshops for our employees?

Already more than 2500 of our international employees have been trained in more than 150 Culture Workshops. The workshops have not only helped to increase mutual understanding but also to […]

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Did you know that our logo stands for infinity and refractory linings?

Our logo shows a never-ending loop which represents the shapes and solidity of our core products. The symbol also tells the story of continuous improvement, how we are always innovative […]

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Did you know that there are many ways for RHI Magnesita to obtain our raw materials?

Extraction from sea water, open cast & deep mining and fused magnesia are all methods for us to produce our raw materials. Due to the backwards integration of RHI Magnesita […]

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Did you know that the melting point of fused magnesia is 2800 °C?

Refractories defy the most hostile conditions to stay strong and stable at temperatures of 1200 °C and much, much higher to contain materials safely while they’re burned, melted, blasted, fired, […]

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“Did you know?” – Our four Cultural Themes

Did you know that we have four different cultural themes that define our work ethic and how we work together? Our four cultural themes are: Act customer focused and innovatively, […]

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“Did you know?” – The History of RHI Magnesita

Did you know that our company was originally founded in 1834? Today, our headquarters are located in Vienna, Austria. However, the history of RHI Magnesita dates back to the year […]

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#InstaWalk Breitenau, Austria

If you don’t work in a mine or for a company related to mining, chances of actually visiting a mine are usually pretty small. However, as we think that mines […]

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