Raw Materials

We are the driving force of the refractory industry.

RHI Magnesita has one of the world’s most vertically integrated refractory industries, with its raw materials coming from its own mines. With autonomy and quality, we provide the best raw materials in the world. We are the driving force of the refractory industry. As global refractory leaders, we are in a position to drive positive change in our industry, and the industries that rely on us. We supply high quality raw materials

For many different applications, for all refractory industries (steel, glass, lime, cement, nonferrous) as well as for environmental, energy, chemical industries and pulp & paper.

Based on continuous research and product development as well as optimization in all production processes, we secure the high product quality of our raw materials.



  • Top quality and supply security
  • Technological know-how of raw materials processing with our Research & Development Centers support, world reference on the subject
  • Global Supply Chains system
  • Biggest and best reserves of dolomite in the world and exploration of other mineral deposits.
  • Top magnesite mine in the world.
  • Incomparable vertically integrated refractories company.



Raw Magnesite

We extract raw magnesite from our own mines.

Caustic Magnesia

We offer caustic magnesia for animal feed, the construction materials industry and special high-grade caustic magnesia for the refractory industry and the chemical industry.

Sintered Magnesia

We have the best magnesite mines in the world. RHI Magnesita produces various grades of sintered magnesia for demanding refractory applications at its plants and for sale to other industrial customers.

Dolomite and Sintered Dolomite

RHI Magnesita produces dolomite and sintered dolomite for the refractory industry.

Magnesia Products

Magnesium-rich raw materials that are processed into products for soil treatment and fertilization as well as for various chemical applications.

Slag Conditioners

Dolomite, magnesite and magnesia products for the treatment of slag in the steel industry.

Magnesium Oxide

Magnesium oxide is a 100% natural product, obtained by controlled calcination of magnesite ore (magnesium carbonate). It shows high chemical purity guaranteed by strict quality control, a high concentration of magnesium, high reactivity, and high residuality on the ground. It is applied in fertilizing, animal nutrition, abrasives and the chemical industry.


These are special raw materials for the refractory industry.


Agalmatolite mainly consists of two aluminum phyllosilicates: pyrophyllite and muscovite. This mineral is usually applied in the ceramic, refractory, and pulp industries.


Chromite is used by the metals industry in the production of iron alloys and stainless steel. In the chemical industry, it is applied as a catalyst, corrosion inhibitor and pigment. For refractories it is used as a basic component in the production of refractory bricks and more recently as sand in casting processes.


Grogs are aluminum silicates. They have alumina content among the clays and bauxites content. They are mainly used by the refractory industry.


RHI Magnesita offers raw materials such as chrome ore, fused mullite and fused zirconia-mullite as commodities for the refractories industry and for foundries.


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