We are the driving force of the refractory industry.

As global refractory leaders, we are in a position to drive positive change in our industry and the industries that rely on us. We offer a complete product and service portfolio that maximizes the performance and enhances safety of various metallurgical equipment present in the aluminum, lead, copper, nickel, zinc, precious metals and ferroalloys industries, among others.  


  • Precast-shapes
  • Alumina-silica
  • High alumina and insulating monolithic parts
  • monolithic products with special binding systems
  • High-purity magnesia and magnesia-chromite bricks with special impregnation technology
  • Magnesia-carbon bricks, high alumina, alumina-chromia bricks
  • Concrete with anti-wetting system
  • Ceramic and metal anchors
  • Sense and insulating concretes
  • Ramming mixes
  • Low cement castables

  To complete our portfolio for this special market we also offer slide gate systems and plates, specially designed gas purging and other unique process supporting systems. Our refractory technologies, services and solutions are customized for our clients and this philosophy is the unique key to the success of our work together with our customers and partners. Product and quality combined with high value technical experience: we are stronger together with the same approach to satisfy customers by providing engineered refractory solutions with a high level of support and process know-how. RHI Magnesita is ready for your challenge. Come with us.  


  • Entire process presence: from the development of refractory quality concepts to their realization, from heat flux, heat transfer and stress calculations by CFD and FEA modeling to instructions for heating up or shutting down furnaces, from advice regarding the storage of refractory material to process and flow control solutions and their installation and supervision on site.
  • Pre-assembly services of channels for anode baking furnaces, reducing material losses and the assembly time at the costumer site, as well as pre-assembly, grinding, drilling and other services for special parts and shapes (tuyeres, tapholes, furnace mouths, partition walls, etc.).
  • Supplying devices and consumables for gas injection, desulfurization with lances and metal casting. Our gas purging equipment enables real-time gas flow control, and conforms to the highest safety and quality standards. We also have injection tuyere sets, optical temperature sensors and slide gate systems. We fulfill customer needs and open perspectives for any special requirement to support the customer’s metallurgical process in a positive direction.
  • Large projects: professionally coordinated project management for smelter up-grades, re-linings, expansion and large-sized refractory construction projects (Green Field, Brown Field, partial and total repairs).
  • Technology and cost reduction: thermo-dynamic, thermo-structural and fluid-dynamic modeling for the improvement of refractory applications in specific high-stress wear areas and support of projects focusing on optimizing the customer’s operating results and reduction of energy consumption – tailor-made lining concepts and customer solutions.
  • Our professional technical and scientific teams (including metallurgists, mechanical engineers, ceramic engineers….) are active around the globe and cooperate with renowned research facilities and universities



  • Process solutions
  • Lining service (including necessary equipment and machineries)
  • Service technicians
  • Mixes and pre-fabricated parts
  • Bricks in standard and special shapes (complex geometries with very tight tolerances)
  • High-temperature heat insulation
  • Refractory quality concept and lining solutions
  • Heat flux, heat transfer and stress calculations
  • Thermo-dynamic calculations of refractory interactions
  • Lining and refractory installation drawings
  • Instruction for refractory material storage
  • Installation service and installation supervision
  • Post-mortem investigations of refractory materials in our own R&D facilities
  • Customized, engineered lining solutions

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