We are the driving force of the refractory industry.

As global refractory leaders, we are in a position to drive positive change in our industry and the industries that rely on us. RHI Magnesita is a global supplier to the glass industry, increasing the productivity and product quality of our partners. Our experience and track record in this industry are unmatched.

Our global network in the glass business (now part of Business Unit Process Industries & Minerals) consists of several sales offices and a number of production sites. This ensures that we are close to our customers and can, consequently, best serve their requirements. Technical know-how and international orientation of the employees, state-of-the-art machinery and a tight global sales and service network guarantee all partners quick availability, best possible service and optimal product application.

We offer a technologically innovative, extended high-quality portfolio in the flat glass, container glass and special glass segments. Our product and service portfolio covers the entire range of unshaped products and ceramically bonded bricks, used in the melting process for various glass types. Our basic refractories line exhibits excellent performance in regenerators. For all of the glass industry furnaces, our silica, alumina-silica, alumina, zircon and chrome-containing high-performance refractories meet the customer requirements.

Product quality and innovation, combined with high value technical and service experience: we are stronger together. RHI Magnesita is ready for your challenge. Experience us as a reliable and long-term partner at your side: competent, solution-oriented, focused on the essentials and always there for you. Come with us.



  • Global presence and customized services and solutions: the key to a unique delivery and market & process-oriented package for our customers worldwide.
  • Extensive and sophisticated product portfolio that enables the delivery of optimal material solutions, providing for longer tank service lifetimes and low glass defect rates. The portfolio comprises refractory bricks and blocks as well as mixes and mortars from the following material groups:
    • Magnesia and zircon-magnesia
    • High alumina / mullite / andalusite / fireclay
    • Chrome-alumina
    • Zircon
    • Silica
    • Calcium aluminate
    • Insulation materials
  • Research and Development is in charge of the development of new products and technical marketing, constantly monitoring refractory lining performance, improving projects, introducing new solutions, increasing performance and working for you to obtain the best price-performance ratio.
  • New, sophisticated services for glass furnaces like regular inspections help identify weak points in the glass furnace at an early stage. Also countermeasures and hot repairs such as overcoating or ceramic welding can then be initiated, extending the furnace life cycle and smooth furnace operations.



  • Optimized material solutions and concepts
  • Support in case of technical questions:
    • Lining recommendations
    • Efficiency calculations
    • Refractory design
    • Financing questions
    • Project logistics
  • Service components:
    • Analyses (glass defect analysis and refractory analysis)
    • Inspections (container, flat and fiber glass tanks worldwide)
    • Design & Planning
    • Training
    • Hot repair services
    • Installations
    • Regenerator services
    • Spout lip service
    • Support for the heat-up of glass melting tanks and tin baths
    • Emergency service 24/7/365


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