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Optimize your production process. Our systems increase yield, improve quality, reduce maintenance and greatly enhance safety in your operation. 

Steel Making Solutions

High precision measurement solutions for the steel industry such as bath level and hot-heel management systems for EAF’s and Consteel furnaces, ultra-reliable slag detection systems at furnace tapping, skimming and deslagging control solutions, as well as LF and RH hot spot detection systems.


Continuous Casting Solutions

One of the few companies in the world able to offer caster measurement packages ranging from ladle slag detection to tundish and mould level measurement systems. In addition the VISIR-LadleSafe system makes sure no dangerous ladle ever arrives at the caster while at the same time ensuring maximum refeactory use.

Our ultra-fast and reliable slag detection system for ladle teeming has been an industry standard for years and continues to outperform the competition in ease of use, availability and low maintenance. The unique tundish true metal level measurement system is “the tool” to keep track in real-time of your running and drain levels, optimising your casting process and yield. We offer state of the art Mould level measurement systems in either mould mounted or suspended sensor formats.


Non-Ferrous Solutions

We provide unique material level profile information in smelting furnaces such as metal and slag level measurement. Our patented technology gives you the power to understand and control your process. Our equipment enhances safety for your personnel while providing consistently accurate measurements. Our systems are typically used in Flash, TSL, SAF, SC, Rotary furnaces and others to measure levels on demand or continuously.