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Independent from your industry we offer you a complete service portfolio for the turnaround of any refractories. Wherever you are, we are on your side – to support you with highest quality, tailored solutions, exceptionally skilled teams and the immense know-how of a truly global refractory leader. We take refractory services to the next level.

Benefit from …

  • on-site services, solutions, projects or supervision – wherever you are
  • stabilized operation, increased productivity, and reduced costs
  • a global network of service specialists with huge experience supporting clients worldwide
  • advise for optimization based on extensive knowledge of our customers’ core processes
  • CO2 emissions savings and waste disposal avoidance through our circular economy solutions


safe refarctory services

100% Safety at work
We continuously strengthen our safety culture and practice with frequent safety screenings, trainings, and other prevention measures – always with the only acceptable goal in mind: zero accidents.


safe refarctory services

100% Safety at work
We continuously strengthen our safety culture and practice with frequent safety screenings, trainings, and other prevention measures – always with the only acceptable goal in mind: zero accidents.


Service areas

Major Repairs, Assemblies and Stops

We provide expertise in carrying out major and capital repairs and assemblies associated with stops. Through a multi-disciplinary planning team aware of the best project management practices, we invest time and resources in the planning and preparation to have thorough control of the progress and cost.

Refractory Maintenance and Application

A range of our services and solutions center around continuously optimizing the performance of the applied refractory materials. With a global network of service specialists, we plan and execute the refractory maintenance activities in synergy with your production and maintenance teams. Thus we maximize assets availability for your operation and ensure higher productivity of the shop.

Through an integrated solution contract, which includes services and the provision of refractories, the materials’ performance is continuously monitored together with operational parameters. This allows our technical experts to evaluate and propose customized solutions that maximize the value generation for you.

Solutions and Technology

Our team aims to develop and produce refractory application machines, which allow greater productivity, accuracy, and quality of service.

By accumulating design know-how and production of such equipment, customized machines for each area and/or type of application are offered as part of our process-oriented solutions.

Solutions Development & Monitoring
  • Equipment customization projects
  • Equipment deployment including training and assisted operation
  • Asset management, from the approval of the investment to the planning and execution of renovation and/or maintenance of equipment
  • Technical supervision for refractory assembly of furnaces and equipment
  • Process consulting, simulation, and modeling
Engineering, Projects and Lining
  • Establishing demand-oriented lining concepts
  • Refractory engineering
  • Installation and start-up supervision
  • Technical assistance and after sales service
  • We take our time to discuss the lining recommendation with you in detail, working out and explaining the precise benefits for you and reviewing technical data sheets of products and their performance
  • Customer training
Metal Working Factory

This plant offers services including:

  • Lathe turning
  • Milling
  • Bore sizing
  • Adjustments
  • Boilermaking
  • Cutting
  • Assemblies
  • Welding processes
  • Nickel plating
  • Machining
  • Maintenance of mechanical assemblies and sub-assemblies
Electromechanical Maintenance

We offer specialized maintenance services such as inspection areas, planning, scheduling, execution, and control of these processes.

Cost per Performance

For many years, we have taken comprehensive responsibility for the costs and services quoted, while offering various business models and various package solutions. One of them is Cost per Performance: It comprises a complete solution, provides benefits that exceed the scope of the refractory and avoids the usual market practice of simply selling material. We have more than 20 years of expertise in this model, in partnership with some of the the best and largest producers worldwide.


  • Offering complete solutions (considering Total Cost of Production) and not only the sale of refractories
  • True partnership to meet your objectives
  • Significant simplification of refractory management
  • Customization to your needs
  • Close collaboration with you, based on mutual trust
  • Can include application services and technologies

Sustainable differentiation

  • Consistency in raw material quality and supply guarantee
  • Work integrated in Research and Development Centers
  • Specific technical assistance available for customer sites

Your benefits

  • Focus on reducing total cost of production
  • Reduced consumption and cost of refractories
  • Increased availability of equipment
  • Reduced need for working capital
  • Improved conversion efficiency
  • Reduced downtime
  • Reduced consumption of other consumable goods
  • Operational safety



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