We are the driving force of the refractory industry.

As global refractory leaders, we are in a position to drive positive change in our industry and the industries that rely on us. We offer the complete product and service range for the casting industry. The refractory portfolio includes solutions for all different types of furnaces, for domes and deltas, ladles, AOD converters, valves and valve seats, caps and plugs, isostatic refractory products, tundish materials and slide gate refractories and systems.

Our refractory technologies and services ensure the best performance process. The refractory materials are designed to withstand the most critical wear conditions during the customer’s process: high thermal shock, high abrasion, high chemical attack and extreme thermal exposure. The refractory products comprise bricks based on magnesia, alumina with varying contents of silica, with possible additions of carbon or chromium oxide or other additives to create specific properties of the refractory products. Additionally, we offer the whole range of refractory castables for monolithic solutions. The refractory portfolio is completed with ramming materials, plastic products, mortars and insulating materials.

Our refractory technology allows us to deliver high-quality valves and valve seats, caps ISOs like nozzles and stoppers for tundish applications and slide gates and plugs (porous and directional) for ladle applications. We offer monolithic or pressed, cured and/or burned plugs and valve seats. For valves, RHI Magnesita offers monolithic, resin-coated, pressed, cured and burned products. We have burned porous and tempered directional plugs, including wear benchmarks. We can also provide a gas injection system (GIS), including a gas control panel for plug injection and cleaning.

In addition to ceramic components, mechanical parts and engineering, we offer extensive services and customized developments with the objective to provide our customers with process-oriented system solutions.

High-quality products and innovation, combined with high technical experience: we are stronger together. RHI Magnesita is ready for your challenge.



  • Global presence and customized services and solutions: the key to a unique delivery and market & process-oriented package for our customers worldwide.
  • Research and Development is in charge of the development of new products and technical marketing, constantly monitoring refractory lining performance, improving projects, introducing new solutions, increasing performance and working on cost reduction.
  • Worldwide technology leader in the flow control sector looking back on more than 40 years of experience.
  • We provide our clients with process-integrated flow control solutions for optimum casting performance and maximum value in use




For the different types of induction furnaces, our product portfolio (bricks and monolithics) is compatible with the processing of various metals. Customized solutions can be provided for the melting and processing of copper and all kinds of copper alloys, aluminum, as well as the production of cast iron, low, medium and high carbon steels, low and high alloyed.

RHI Magnesita offers the whole range of brick concepts (based on magnesia or alumina), dry ramming materials, as well as plastic and semi-plastic ramming materials and concretes according to the various areas of the furnace.


We offer products for all areas of the electric arc furnace: permanent lining, hearth, bank, metal line, slag line and upper wall. In addition, we produce various repairing and maintenance products, ensuring refractory campaign extension of the electric arc furnace. Our refractory products comply with the main process requirements, such as corrosion by slag, mechanical resistance to scrap impact, resistance to thermal shock, erosion and abrasion.


RHI Magnesita provides various products for AOD converters: dolomite, dolomite-zirconia, magnesia-dolomite and magnesia-chromite direct bonded and rebonded. Our products guarantee outstanding resistance to high process temperatures, combined with corrosion resistance (chemical compatibility) and erosion caused by bath agitation.


RHI Magnesita has appropriate solutions for dome and delta according to customer design, regardless of composition (bricks, mixes, precast blocks or a combination thereof). Our products have high resistance to thermal overload, electric arc action, thermal shock, as well as erosion and corrosion resulting from gases generated by the process.


RHI Magnesita offers tailor-made customer solutions with the widest range of shaped and unshaped products for ladle lining.

We deliver fired and carbon-bonded dolomite, fired magnesia and magnesia carbon, fired alumina and alumina carbon and alumina-magnesia bricks. Monolithic lining concepts and a combination with bricks, individually agreed service packages and all types of maintenance mixes and mortars for each application are available.

In the Flow Control sector RHI Magnesita is the worldwide technology leader. In addition to ceramic components, mechanical parts and engineering, we offer extensive services and developments with the objective to provide our customers with process-oriented system solutions.


RHI Magnesita is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high-quality isostatic products used for flow control and protection of molten steel against re-oxidation during continuous casting of steel. The main function of our ISO products (LS, SEN, NC, MT, RB) in continuous casting is the safe and controlled transfer of the liquid steel from the ladle to the mold via the tundish.

In doing so the products must:

  • Protect the liquid steel against reoxidation and nitrogen pick-up
  • Ensure optimum flow patterns in the mould
  • Be resistant to thermal shock
  • Resist corrosion due to aggressive steel grades, tundish cover powder and mould flux
  • Resist mechanical stress due to contact with refractories or abrasion due to high steel turbulence

In addition to its initial purpose, i.e. ensuring a controlled distribution of steel in continuous casting, the tundish also plays an important role in separating nonmetallic inclusions by optimizing the steel flow and balancing the temperature, and prevents the steel from re-oxidation. It contributes to the efficiency of the plant and the quality of the steel produced.

Considering all the above-mentioned aspects, the significance of the tundish as a “metallurgical vessel” is increasing. To achieve the best possible utilization by the customer, RHI Magnesita is the only refractory manufacturer to offer high-performance complete solutions for the tundish and enables optimized and efficient tundish management through unique and innovative lining concepts.


RHI Magnesita provides various slide gates for continuous casting or ingot casting and tundish slide gates with optimized refractory lining concepts. Long-standing experience is the base of highest possible quality, superb service and maximum operational safety.

Our slide gate products with their geometrical characteristics and tailor-made grade concepts have a decisive influence on the performance of a slide gate. The innovative materials and technology of RHI Magnesita contribute significantly to the enhancement of the steel grade and operational safety of the slide gate system.



  • Unique material concepts
  • Innovative designs
  • Outstanding product performance
  • Process know-how
  • Metallurgical consultancy
  • Steel quality optimization & process efficiency
  • Ladle-to-mold expertise
  • Project engineering
  • Installation services & training
  • Advanced mechanics
  • Process control & safety


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