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“Did you know?” – Our four Cultural Themes

Did you know that we have four different cultural themes that define our work ethic and how we work together? Our four cultural themes are: Act customer focused and innovatively, […]

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“Did you know?” – The History of RHI Magnesita

Did you know that our company was originally founded in 1834? Today, our headquarters are located in Vienna, Austria. However, the history of RHI Magnesita dates back to the year […]

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#InstaWalk Breitenau, Austria

If you don’t work in a mine or for a company related to mining, chances of actually visiting a mine are usually pretty small. However, as we think that mines […]

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“Did you know?” – St. Barbara, the patron of mining

Did you know that St. Barbara is the patron saint of mining? Barbara lived in the third century and was completely controlled by her father who imprisoned her in a […]

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(Deutsch) RHI Magnesita: Rathausky steigt auf und übergibt Corporate Communications

Sorry, this entry is only available in German.

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RHI Magnesita trauert um Franz Struzl

Mit großer Trauer gibt RHI Magnesita den Tod des ehemaligen Vorstandsvorsitzenden und Generaldirektors Franz Struzl bekannt. Struzl, der am 28. Jänner im Alter von 76 Jahren verstarb, hat das Unternehmen […]

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“Did you know? ” – How old is RHI Magnesita?

Starting as of today, we will present you a new fact about RHI Magnesita and/or about our core businesses each week. This should help you to understand better who we […]

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Happy Birthday RHI Magnesita – this was our one-year celebration!

A fantastic atmosphere accompanied our one-year anniversary celebration last Wednesday. The whole company jointly celebrated RHI Magnesita’s first birthday and sites from all over the world joined us via live […]

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RHI Magnesita in Brussels: Expert discussion on industrial strategy with CSO Reinhold Steiner

Brussels/Vienna – The EU is one of the world’s three most important economic-policy actors, alongside the USA and China. To a large extent, the EU owes this position to European […]

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EUMICON 2018: Can you stand the heat?

“Can Europe stand the heat?” – With this question, our CTO Luis Bittencourt concluded his keynote speech at EUMICON 2018. The future of the industry and mining location Europe and its political framework, Circular […]

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R&D series: Our R&D Center in Leoben (Austria)

The Technology Center in Leoben is RHI Magnesita’s largest multi-disciplinary R&D location. Since 1959, RHI Magnesita has developed pioneering technologies in Leoben and supported the global sales and production network […]

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RHI Magnesita at the European Forum Alpbach: “Digitization needs courage”

During the economic symposium at the European Forum Alpbach, RHI Magnesita focused fully on the topic of digitization. As the world market leader for high-quality refractory products and global technology […]

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