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Sustainability refractories
The severity and urgency of the climate crisis have become increasingly clear. The global industry needs to rapidly adapt itself to not only improve health and safety conditions at the workplace, but also to minimize air pollution in the surroundings of Steel Plants. RHI Magnesita can support reducing fume emissions with future-oriented technology.

Standard MgO-C Working Lining

  • Reliable standard solution
  • Smoke and emissions are tackled by onsite post-combustion systems

Reduced Emission MgO-C Working Lining

  •  Patent protected binder technology
  • Reduction of emission by about 30 wt.-%
  • Same performance level as bricks with standard binder
  • Excellent cost/benefit-ratio
  • Available for most MgO-C grades

Zero Emission MgO-C Working Lining

  • New development using high-temperature tempering technology
  • Zero organic emissions
  • Same performance level as standard tempered bricks
  • Newly developed high-temperature tempering technology

zero emission brick lining ladle

zero emission refractory brick lining

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