#InstaWalk Breitenau, Austria

07. February 2019
#instawalk #igersaustria

If you don’t work in a mine or for a company related to mining, chances of actually visiting a mine are usually pretty small. However, as we think that mines offer pretty cool sights despite of being dark, we have organized a special event at the end of 2018.

Together with the Instagramers Austria (#igersaustria) we organized an exclusive #instaWalk to our mine in Breitenau. At this walk, six Instagramers got the chance to visit the mine and explore it firsthand. Our only condition was that they needed to take nice pictures they would later on share on their Instagram-pages. Let us tell you, the results speak for themselves.

Check out the outcome of our #InstaWalk below!

Special thanks goes out to @caroklaroo,  @rafaelwien, @oliveroth, @naikon_, @fabolus_vienna and @a_l_x_ender for their effort and great work.

Picture 1:  @a_l_x_ender

Picture 2: @fabolus_vienna

Picture 3: @caroklaroo

Picture 4: @naikon_

Picture 5:  @rafaelwien

Picture 6: @oliveroth