Redefining Refractory Industry Insights with digitally transformed Bulletin

16. January 2024

In response to the evolving needs of the refractory industry and a changing readership landscape, RHI Magnesita proudly unveils the new digital format of its renowned scientific trade journal, Bulletin!

The new dynamic online platform reaffirms RHI Magnesita’s ambition to be at the forefront of technological advancement in the industry and aims to engage a broader, more diverse audience. It is a user-friendly, digital experience for readers across industries seeking real-time knowledge.


Embracing the Future of Global Knowledge Sharing

With over 90% of its readership comprising external stakeholders, the Bulletin’s digital transformation opens new avenues for knowledge sharing on a global scale. The online platform will feature articles, videos, and interactive elements, providing readers with timely insights into the latest products, technologies, and trends in the refractory industry.
In addition, the digital edition is set to transcend geographical boundaries, catering not only to the existing readership (which spans over 70% in Europe, including CIS and Turkey), but also to a global audience hungry for refractory insights.


Cross-departmental excellence

Behind the scenes, the R&D team of RHI Magnesita put their tireless efforts into ensuring that the platform not only presents the latest industry advancements but also reflects the depth of research and innovation. In parallel, the communications professionals strategically navigated the challenges of this transformation.

Head of R&D, Thomas Prietl, emphasized the significance of this collaboration, stating:

“The digital Bulletin is a testament to the collective expertise of our R&D and communications team. We’ve infused it with the latest breakthroughs, ensuring that professionals across the globe can access cutting-edge insights and stay ahead in the rapidly evolving refractory landscape.”

Christoph Humitsch, Spokesperson, added:

“The synergy between our communication strategies and the groundbreaking research by the R&D colleagues has not only elevated our offerings but also paved the way for a more engaging, personalized and forward-thinking user experience. With the strong foundation we’ve built, I am confident that this collaboration will prosper, opening new avenues for growth and innovation!”


Looking Forward: A Vision for Industry Excellence

As RHI Magnesita launches the digital Bulletin, the company envisions the platform as a hub for ongoing updates, interactive discussions, and collaboration within the refractory community. The digital format allows for customization, ensuring that readers can tailor their experience to suit their individual interests.


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