RHI Magnesita accelerates Diversity Strategy

05. November 2019

Focus on gender, international representation and generation management:

“Diversity and Inclusion are critical to our future success. In today’s globalized business environment, diverse teams are proven to be more productive and better equipped to succeed. That’s why diversity has been listed as one of the key priorities for our stakeholders and us. It is now embedded in our company culture and sustainability strategy,” says Simone Oremovic, Executive Vice President People & Culture RHI Magnesita.

Today RHI Magnesita announces to foster its diversity and inclusion strategy focusing on gender, international representation and generation management in the first step. The strategy is approved and supported by the top management. “Delivering on a truly effective diversity strategy needs commitment, effort and self-reflection from all of us,” says Stefan Borgas, CEO RHI Magnesita.

A Global Diversity Steering Committee has been established in July 2019 as part of RHI Magnesita’s sustainability focus, which will set the strategy, the KPIs and provide a global framework. “We will also embed the diversity and inclusion activities locally on the ground, as this is where it happens” says Oremovic.

As a first action the Global Diversity Steering Committee presented a new Diversity & Inclusion Booklet for all employees. It provides a full overview of RHI Magnesita’s aspirations, beliefs and plans.

One of the first projects is the worldwide Female Network, a group of women connected globally to share experiences, inputs and to support building gender equality inside RHI Magnesita. The group is formed with a bottom up and connected approach and is constantly growing. Having started with 30 women a few months ago, it has now more than 200 members and a survey has been conducted within the network. The figures provide valuable insights into female perspectives on working within RHI Magnesita and on career development opportunities.

Oremovic underlines: “Diversity and inclusion is not a short-term subject but a journey – and we have certainly made a good start at RHI Magnesita.”