RHI Magnesita: five R&D locations and the new Technical Advisory Committee to further drive innovations globally

11. June 2018

In today’s globalized and highly dynamic age, trends and innovations emerge anytime and all over the world. As the driving force of the refractory industry, RHI Magnesita must always be at the local pulse in the most important markets, not only in sales but also especially in research & development. Thus, RHI Magnesita has both expanded its global research network with its research center in India and established a new Technical Advisory Committee consisting of renowned external scientists and internal R&D experts to further develop its technology leadership globally.

Two research hubs and three centers to expand our technology leadership

To keep its finger on the pulse of the local markets, RHI Magnesita operates decentralized research at five locations including the strategically important growth markets in China, India and North America. Besides the research hubs in Leoben (Austria) and Contagem (Brazil), RHI Magnesita’s research network consists of the research centers in York (USA), Dalian (China) and Bhiwadi/Visakhapatnam (India). The decentralized organizational structure allows RHI Magnesita to better understand local demands and tap the opportunities in a rapidly changing global market.

RHI Magnesita’s global research team of more than 270 employees is located at the research hubs in Leoben (Austria) and Contagem (Brazil) as well as the centers in York (US), Bhiwadi/Visakhapatnam (India) and Dalian (China)

Taking innovation to 1200°C and beyond

Our mission “Taking innovation to 1200°C and beyond” reflects our commitment to R&D and innovation. The focus in R&D lies on constantly optimizing the business, operating in the entire supply chain through the development of several technical studies, supporting Mining, Production, Quality, Sales, Technical Marketing, seeking and maintaining our continued technological improvement in all aspects of business. Every year we invest more than any other competitor in product and service innovations. With more than 270 employees in R&D RHI Magnesita has the industry’s largest dedicated research team. On top, we have more than 340 technical engineers and experts in the marketing organization that consult, develop and deliver innovative solutions directly to customers on site. All our experts and technicians do not only closely cooperate with renowned research institutions and universities, industry partners and customers all over the world but also with various internal departments to create continuous and sustainable value add for our customers.

New Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) was nominated

Bringing in new perspectives and knowledge from outside and strengthening the ties to the external technology and research world will be key roles of the new Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) that was nominated this month. The TAC will play an essential role in supporting RHI Magnesita to grow its business with the help of new technologies and to make better use of the current technologies available in the group.

“The new Technical Advisory Committee brings together external scientists and researchers with our internal specialists from R&D, business development and technical marketing. The keyword is Open Innovation. Our objective is to open up the innovation process by actively and strategically using the outside world in order to increase the innovation potential through knowledge transfer and thought-provoking impulses from outside”, says our Chief Technology Officer Luis Bittencourt.

The main purpose of the TAC is to challenge the RHI Magnesita R&D community with their R&D portfolio and to expand the technology work beyond the company into the external world connecting with universities, start-up companies and technology partners.

About RHI Magnesita

RHI Magnesita is the result of the combination of RHI and Magnesita to form the leading global supplier of high-grade refractory products, systems and services which are indispensable for industrial high-temperature processes exceeding 1,200°C in a wide range of industries, including steel, cement, non-ferrous metals, and glass, among others. With a vertically integrated value chain, from raw materials to refractory products and full performance-based solutions, RHI Magnesita serves more than 10,000 customers in nearly all countries around the world.

With more than 14,000 employees in 35 main production sites and more than 70 sales offices, the company has unmatched geographic diversification. RHI Magnesita intends to use its global leadership in revenue, greater scale, complementary product portfolio and diversified geographic presence to target markets and regions benefitting from more dynamic economic growth prospects.

The combined company generated pro forma €2.7 billion in revenues in the financial year 2017. For further information please visit


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