Steel Production

We are the driving force of the refractory industry.

As global refractory leaders, we are in a position to drive positive change in our industry and the industries that rely on us. We offer a complete product and service portfolio for all steel industry processes. Long life time and economic effectiveness highlight our solutions for

  • Basic oxygen furnaces and other converters
  • Hot metal ladles
  • Impellers
  • Steel casting ladles and steel treatment ladles
  • Gas injection systems
  • RH degassers

and in the field of flow control for

  • Slide gate systems
  • Tundish
  • Isostatic products

In close cooperation with our customers, we realize customized refractory solutions for any requirement.  


Our system solutions are keyed to the quality standards of our customers and help them stabilize the production process and increase productivity, but above all to reduce the overall production costs and the risk of a loss of production. We have the capacity to meet various specifications of shaped and unshaped refractory materials, for application or maintenance:

  • Fired magnesia bricks
  • Dolomitic magnesia monolithic products – hearth construction and hot repair of hearth and banks
  • Magnesia carbon bricks and special shapes – sidewalls /hot spots/EBT taphole with cylindrical segments
  • Alumina-silica bricks
  • Basic mixes
  • Non-basic mixes
  • Monolithic pieces of high alumina – delta – runner (conventional tapping)
  • Bore sand for plugging the EBT taphole
  • Porous monolithic materials for gas stirring systems (BSU) / direct injection system (DPSU)
  • Slag conditioners
  • Alumina-silica /high alumina bricks and castables for dust collection system (combustion chamber and cooling tower)

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