Coke oven batteries are one of the backbones in blast furnace steel production – but also very complex, cost intensive, and prone to gas leakages and damage. Wouldn’t you want to tackle all those challenges at once? Then discover our COMPAC COKE refractory block: Their high-quality, thermal shock resistant material and simple design ease your repairs, while significantly reducing your costs, energy consumption and emissions.

coke oven refractory system

Make coke oven repairs a breeze
Conventional installations are often equipped with hundreds of different refractory shapes that are prone to cracking under heat. One of our cutting-edge, thermal shock resistant silica COMPAC COKE BLOCKs replaces up to 40 conventional bricks. The result: shorter installation time with less manhours. Their smart design makes your through-wall and end-flue repairs a breeze.

Reduce your efforts & resources in all areas

coke oven efficient refractory repair

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installation time

coke oven block refractories fast set-up manhour manpower

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coke oven refractory heat-up time cycle

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A new solution for an old technology

Conventional refractory design

coke oven assembly refractories

  • Very complex, labor intensive brick structure
  • High costs for installation & maintenance
  • Sensitive to damage through thermal and mechanical wear e.g. thermal shocks
  • Thermal expansion over time
  • Prone to gas leakages and pollution


coke oven compac-block refractory assembly

  • Fast heat-up due to low and predictable thermal expansion
  • Lower costs through faster installation and coke output as well as significant gas savings
  • Easy and fast handling, installation, and repairs through smart modular design
  • Less emissions due to high gas tightness and efficiency

Key features

  • High quality fused silica blocks with extraordinary creep strength
  • High thermal shock resistance & dimensional stability with near zero expansion
  • Smart, modular design with few joints – 1 block replaces up to 40 conventional bricks
  • Highly efficient heat transfer through heating walls
  • Fast lead-times
compac coke oven block steel refractory

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